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Musicians 4 you are not only interested in just the music, we care about your event as a whole.

We work alongside professionals that will give you an excellent service as well as a good price.

Below will be a list of what we provide, if you are interested please email us at


Photography - We live in a time where social media plays a big part of our daily lives such as

Instagram and Facebook, we want to  make sure you have professional looking pictures for you

to see as well as your family & friends.


Event Planning - You may not know how to plan an event or may not have the time to organise an event, we have a team that can help organise your event to a high level.


Graphic Designs - Graphic designs - If you need an invitation or a church flyer designed

or some cool effects on your pictures, we can make that possible for you.

Your event is our priority, and we are dedicated to turning it into more than just a moment—creating a lasting memory.

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