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 Tailored Lessons:

Our lessons are designed to cater

to each student's individual needs,

whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills.

 Annual Exams and Certification:

To track progress, we conduct annual exams.

Successful students receive a certificate,

celebrating their hard work and achievements.

 Showcase Oppotunities:

We have hosted two successful showcases,

allowing students to perform in front of family and friends—an

invaluable experience for building confidence and stage presence.

 Band Experience:

Students can play with different instrumentalists,

gaining real-world experience of what it's

like to perform in a band setting.

 Real-World Skills:

Our program equips students with the skills and tools

needed to thrive as working musicians,

enhancing their abilities whether for personal

growth or professional aspirations.   


 Affordable Rates:

Quality music education should be accessible

to everyone. We offer competitive rates to ensure

our lessons are affordable.  




At Musicians4You, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your musical dreams.

Join us to enhance your musical talents, gain real-world experience,

and become part of a vibrant musical community.

Book a Lesson Today!

Ready to start your musical journey?

Click the link below to book a lesson with us.

We look forward to hearing from you

and helping you reach your full potential as a musician.


Age 10 & Under

- 30 Minute Lesson: £15.00

- 60 Minute Lesson: £25.00

Age 11 & Over

- 30 Minute Lesson: £20.00

- 60 Minute Lesson: £30.00

At Musicians4You, we offer comprehensive instrumental lessons for all ages and skill levels, including drums, vocals, piano, and guitar.

Unlike traditional teaching agencies,

our unique approach ensures a rich and engaging learning experience.

Why Choose Musicians4You?

Your event is our priority, and we are dedicated to turning it into more than just a moment—creating a lasting memory.

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